O’Fallon Township provides General Assistance to those who are not eligible for other State (TANF) or (SSI) assistance, and do not have the financial resources to provide for their own needs. However, an applicant who is no longer eligible for benefits due to non-cooperation, suspension, receipt of a lump-sum payment, or expiration of lifetime limits under the Illinois TANF program, is not eligible for General Assistance.

General Assistance is provided according to adopted written standards and is applied consistently to all those who apply.

Applicants must meet the income and asset guidelines as established in the written standards adopted by the General Assistance Office. Applicants must be residents of the State of Illinois and the O’Fallon Township, be age 18 or older and either a United States citizen or an alien who meets legal requirements.

Each applicant will be asked to complete and sign an application for assistance and provide necessary documentation before assistance can be issued.


To apply, call or stop by to request a GA application and documentation list. A signed application and required documentation must be submitted before any assistance can be considered. Assistance is issued by appointment.

The Township has 30 days to process. Income, assets and cooperation with the program determine eligibility.

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